The goal of this presentation is to encourage students to use their ears to improve their pronunciation. Too often Japanese students have learned pronunciation from a book or from a high school or junior high school teacher who learned it from a book. By recognizing that people speak in collocations, students will be better able to use their ears and imitate the sounds of native English speakers. Doing so will lead to a better, more-native-sounding pronunciation.


  • 「英語の発音を磨きたい!」「リスニング力を高めたい!」こういった思いを抱く方々におススメです!英語のネイティブ・スピーカーから発音のポイントを聞いて、指導を受けましょう!


外国語学科英米語専攻 准教授 G.G.マノ(ジョージ マノ)

G.G.マノ(ジョージ マノ)
外国語学科英米語専攻 准教授